Rail Park Roosendaal is a facility centre that rents out rails to third parties. Renting parties can use all the facilities that are available and necessary for the required maintenance. Whether lifts, tools or clothing is required, Rail Park provides everything.

From July first, 2014, Rail Park Roosendaal is operational. The old steam locomotive engine house that was build in 1907 has been completely restored to its former state by the Boei foundation. This applies to the exterior. The interior has been transformed in to a modern workplace for rail bound vehicles such as wagons and locomotives.

In total Rail Park offers 8 tracks. With lengths varying between 65 and 85 meters.

Host a meeting?

At Rail Park Roosendaal there is an old signal building. At the moment this building is in the final stages of renovation.

The expectation is that the renovation will be finished in September 2014. After the renovation is finished the building will be available for rent. Hosting a meeting or other events in a unique location is made possible.

We currently deliver our services to the following companies